Manufacture and sales of packaging materials for food and household goods

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We carry out color gravure printing
and produce packaging materials for food
and daily life products laminated
with various materials.

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Production/Management System Constructed by Pioneer Inspection Equipment

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"Green printing plant" certification

We have been certified as an environmentally friendly
"Green Printing Plant" by the General Incorporated Association,
Japan Printing Manufacturers Association (JFPI).
As we are involved in the printing industry,
We are working to reduce the impact
on the global environment through the printing business.

"Soft packaging hygiene council"
authorized factory

The head office plant is accredited by the Soft Packaging Sanitation Council.
The air shower and the wearing of electric stone cap prevent the mixture of dust and hair.
In addition, the internal pressure in the factory is increased,
and a factory positive pressure system is used to prevent the intrusion
of dust and insects from the outside of the building.

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